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TMAA New South Wales

We welcome you to join TMAA NSW: Shaping the Future of Traffic Management in New South Wales

The Traffic Management Association of Australia, New South Wales Division (TMAA NSW) is the leading industry body representing the Traffic Management Industry in New South Wales.

We are dedicated to championing the interests of our members. By joining us, you gain access to a wealth of benefits and opportunities, including our unwavering commitment to building and nurturing relationships with key stakeholders, these include:

  • State and Federal Governments
  • Austroads
  • Construction Contractors
  • Local Councils
  • Roads and Maritime Services
  • Training providers
  • WHS Industry providers

TMAA NSW Division is currently working in close collaboration with Transport for NSW to enhance road worker safety and drive industry best practices. We believe that this partnership presents a monumental opportunity for our division to make a significant impact.

At TMAA NSW, we provide a dynamic forum where concerns can be addressed, industry standards can be established, and valuable feedback can be provided to policy makers. Our primary focus is on improving professionalism, safety, and standards in the traffic management industry.

Through collaborative efforts with key stakeholders at the local and state level in NSW, we aim to further enhance traffic management safety and compliance.

Join TMAA NSW today and play an active role in shaping the future of traffic management in New South Wales. Together, we can elevate the industry to new heights, ensuring safer roads and a more efficient transportation network for all.


TMAA NSW Division Chair
Khaleel Hamdan
Email: Khaleel.Hamdan@altustraffic.com.au

TMAA NSW Division Vice Chair
Tynan Diaz
Email: tynan.diaz@tmaa.asn.au

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