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TMAA Victoria

We welcome you to join TMAA VIC: Shaping the Future of Victorian Traffic Management.

The Traffic Management Association of Australia Victoria Division (TMAA VIC), proudly represent the interests of the Traffic Management Industry in Victoria, catering to a diverse membership that includes traffic management businesses and industry suppliers. Our mission is to elevate the status of traffic management as a key stakeholder in road, construction, event, utilities, and urban development projects.

TMAA VIC actively advocates for harmonisation and standardisation of traffic management protocols and processes, aiming to establish consistent and safe practices across Australia. As a division of the wider Traffic Management Association of Australia (TMAA), we are dedicated to fostering a professional, safe, and innovative industry that collaborates closely with road authorities and key stakeholders.

Our main activities revolve around:

  1. Industry representation: Acting as a unified voice for the traffic management sector, ensuring our members' interests are heard and considered.
  2. Government relations: Engaging with government entities to shape policies, regulations, and initiatives that impact the industry.
  3. Industry information: Providing valuable updates, news, and insights to keep our members informed and empowered.
  4. Training and regulation: Promoting professional development opportunities and upholding high standards through effective regulation.
  5. Networking: Facilitating connections and fostering collaboration among members, industry professionals, and stakeholders.

TMAA VIC, is proud to actively promote the benefits of diversity and inclusion in the traffic management industry. We believe in harnessing the power of a diverse workforce to drive innovation and excellence.

Join TMAA VIC today and become an integral part of shaping the future of Victorian traffic management. Together, we can create a safer and more efficient road network, while embracing diversity and inclusion to unlock the industry's full potential.


TMAA VIC Division Chair
Anthony Simmons
Email: anthony.simmons@tmaa.asn.au

TMAA VIC Division Vice Chair
Stuart Wickens
Email: swickens@gotraffic.com.au

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