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VIC Traffic Management Reform program December 2023 newsletter

20 Dec 2023 7:42 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
Department of Transport and Planning
Traffic Management Reform Program

December 2023 Newsletter

Welcome to the December edition of the Traffic Management Reform (TMR) program newsletter. 

The TMR program is transforming the traffic management industry by providing the extra support needed to promote safety on the road network and reduce unnecessary congestion and delays around worksites.

This is our regular newsletter to keep the traffic management industry up-to-date on any progress and changes as part of the TMR program. Please share it with anyone you think should know about the program and upcoming changes. 

Complying to the new Code of Practice (CoP) and National Training Framework

As many of you are aware, the new CoP commenced on 1 December 2023. To support the new CoP, DTP has also adopted the National Training Framework for Temporary Traffic Management to ensure workers are trained in the new standards and obligations. This not only creates consistency in the content and teaching methods, but also nationally recognised qualifications.

Complying to the new CoP

As there has been a delay in the introduction of the new Traffic Management Design (TMD) training, DTP will not be enforcing compliance to the new TMD elements of the new CoP until the new TMD training is readily available and workers have had the opportunity to receive formal training.

Memorandum of Authorisation (MoA) permit applications and supporting documents (such as the Traffic Guidance Scheme (TGS)) designed to comply to the previous CoP will be accepted without penalty, until further notice. 

Anyone who has already upskilled themselves in the new requirements can design in accordance with the new CoP.

Information and supporting documents on the new CoP are available on the VicRoads website. If you have any questions or need more information, email ATPapplications@roads.vic.gov.au.

Complying to the National Training Framework

The National Training Framework has been adopted in Victoria, with the new Traffic Controller (TC) and Traffic Management Implementer (TMI) training both now available. A list of Approved Training Providers (ATPs) can be found on the Austroads website

To ensure there is greater geographical coverage of training organisations to deliver this training, DTP has extended the mandatory uptake date of the new TC and TMI training from 1 December 2023 to 1 March 2024 to help industry better meet this requirement. Previous TC and TMI training can continue to be delivered concurrently with the new training until 29 February 2024 and any training taken during this time will be recognised by DTP.

With the delay in the introduction of the new TMD training, until further notice any previously completed TMD training will be recognised by DTP. Qualifications under the previous TC, TMI and TMD courses will also continue to be recognised, until they expire.

We will provide an update on when the new TMD training will be available as soon as the timings are confirmed.

Information about the National Training Framework is available on the VicRoads website.

If you have any questions or need more information, email ATPapplications@roads.vic.gov.au.

Changes to activating and deactivating MoA permits from 4 March 2024

From 4 March 2024, DTP will require traffic management companies to begin using the Road Access Permits Portal (RAPP) to activate and deactivate MoA permits that don’t include LUMS or TRIMS, or are Road Works and Events (RWE) MoA permits.

Why is this change being implemented?

  • RAPP was launched with a feature to activate and deactivate MoA permits online to eventually replace the need to call the Transport Operations Centre (TOC) to activate and deactivate MoA permits without LUMS or TRIMS, or RWE MoA permits.

This decision was made for a couple of reasons:

  • We’ve received feedback from traffic management companies of long wait times to get through to the TOC to activate and deactivate MoA permits, especially during peak periods.
  • We’ve received feedback from the TOC that overall call volumes have significantly increased, particularly faults, hazards, incidents and emergencies, which is contributing to the wait times traffic management companies are experiencing.

These wait times can delay worksite set up as any activities related to traffic management implementation cannot start until the MoA permit is activated and are a factor in MoA permits not being deactivated, impacting how drivers use the road.

How do I activate or deactivate an MoA permit in RAPP?

The MoA activation feature can be accessed from the RAPP dashboard and includes an easy view of which permits are still activated and need to be deactivated. There is also training material on the VicRoads website if you need further help.

The TOC will only action calls to activate and deactivate MoA permits with LUMS or TRIMs, or those that are RWE MoA permits.

DTP will continue to investigate other options to make it easier for traffic management companies to activate and deactivate MoA permits when on-site, so if you have any feedback, questions or need more information, email the RAPP team on RAPP.support@roads.vic.gov.au.

Changes to authorised MoA permits between 10pm 12 January and 6am 13 January 2024

Due to an important upgrade to the control software for DTP’s Managed Motorway System, no roadworks will be authorised to take place on any part of the managed motorway network between 10pm on Friday 12 January and 6am on Saturday 13 January 2024.

The software controls the Lane Use Management System (LUMS), which includes all overhead signage on our metropolitan freeway network. The upgrade will severely impact DTP’s ability to change overhead signage on the managed motorway network. For safety reasons, a decision has been made to not authorise roadworks during this time.

If you already have an authorised MoA permit in this time period, you will shortly receive an update with a special condition indicating that your MoA permit cannot be activated during this time for any works on a major metropolitan freeway in a LUMS environment.

We appreciate your understanding and support during this essential upgrade. If you have any questions, please contact Linda Palmer, Associate Director Roadworks Permits, on linda.palmer@transport.vic.gov.au.

New features in RAPP

There were new features added to RAPP on 9 December 2023 including:

Change 1: new column in the submitted dashboard view will show the ‘submitted on’ date for both MoA and Working Within the Road Reserve (WWRR) permit applications. Applicants will be able to calculate the number of business days an application has been in review from the submitted date.

Change 2: RAPP users with a traffic controller account type will have access to view authorised documents in the approval document folder. This change will ensure traffic controllers have access to a digital copy of relevant documents required to implement an MoA permit.

Reminder: Documents being uploaded to RAPP need to be less than 20MB. Please ensure you split up any large files if needed and advise your TGS designers.

If you need information or help using RAPP, visit the VicRoads website or contact the RAPP team on RAPP.support@roads.vic.gov.au.

Key TMR program dates 

From 1 December 2023

  • New CoP commenced, however compliance to TMD elements will not be enforced until further notice.
  • New National Training Framework introduced in Victoria with the new TC and TMI training commencing.
  • Previous TC and TMI training can continue to be delivered concurrently with the new training until 29 February 2024.

From 1 March 2024

  • New TC and TMI training courses become mandatory. Training taken under the previous TC and TMI courses post this date will no longer be recognised by DTP. DTP will continue to recognise any previous TC and TMI courses taken (and completed) before this date until they expire.

From 4 March 2024

  • MoA permits activate and deactivate to be actioned via RAPP. TOC will only action calls to activate and deactivate MoA permits with LUMS or TRIMs, or those that are RWE MoA permits.

First half of 2024

  • More details about the Volunteer and Occasional Road Workers and TMD training will be released.
  • Further information about new Surveillance Framework and end-to-end enforcement processes will be released.
  • Further engagement with local councils on aligning permit process and creating consistency for industry.

30 June 2024

  • TMR program completed.

Festive greetings from the TMR team

From all of us in the TMR team, thank you for your support of the program in 2023. We look forward to continuing to work with you on transforming the traffic management industry in 2024.

Have a safe and wonderful festive season.

Get in touch 

Please email us at tmr.support@transport.vic.gov.au if you have any questions or need further information on the TMR program.

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